Ancol  - Couplers

Ancol - Couplers

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Ancol Chain,Nylon and Bungee Couplers, allowing you to walk two dogs on the same lead.

Super strong Bungee, nylon or traditional chain to match your lead type.


The Ancol Bungee Coupler is ideal when walking two dogs that pull or dart off. Made with sturdy bungee material, the Bungee Coupler absorbs the shock of the pulling dog and reduces the strain on the owner's shoulders and arms and on the dog's neck and throat. 
Couplers are a must-have for pet owners with two dogs. While walking two dogs used to mean leads, dogs, and owners got tangled, a coupler means just one lead is needed and the dogs are kept together. 
The length of each of the Bungee Coupler cords, including the trigger hook, is 37cm (approx.). The maximum recommended weight for this coupler is 2x50kg. 
Bungee coupler with O-ring attachment. 37cm (approx.). Max weight 2x50kg.